Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our time to shine!

Much like the girls at Gallaudet University every community has its challenges to face. This challenge in particular had to do with a communication barrier, nearly everyone who attends Gallaudet University is deaf or hearing impaired. This like many communities relay on communicating through American Sign Language. This is a language that uses hand movements, body language, and facial expressions to convey their thoughts or feelings to one another. During my years in high school we are required to take a foreign language, i choose to learn American Sign Language, I took 5 years of it and still use it to this day, it is a very useful language especially in a situation like the coach at GU had to face. Coming into a loosing program the coach had to learn a whole new style of coaching to prepare himself for what he was about to endure, with great success he lead his team to a division III tournament. I can relate to this article because of my involvement with the deaf community and have some insight on how hard it can be to communicate regularly, let alone communicate while in a high activity game. This program had improved dramatically and all to do with the cooperation and commitment the coach had put in for his team. With this i hope all up in coming educators can realize that what we need in our communities is dedication and commitment, when we see a problem we fix it with ever resource we have available to us, and not for our own sake but for the benefit of others. This coach was not paid extra for learning Sign Language, he was not reimbursed for the time he spent with his team, he knew that when it came to a good program cooperation and communication is key, he ran with that into a winning season. I hope all of us as educators can learn from this experience and put more effort into their passion of teaching.