Monday, February 21, 2011

Something out of your box!

Looking for something new? Something thrilling and exciting? How about something extreme! Test yourself, break your boundaries, and get out there. Everyday people are living exciting lives due to their out of the box activities, by not sticking to the norms people create discoveries and further expand the knowledge we crave for physical activities. Can be as simple as going for a hike in a nearby wooded area or as extreme as jumping out of a plane and sky diving for that rush. I for one like to go fast and in the most abstract ways. Cliff Swinging, Bike riding, Rollerblading, Mountain Climbing, Scuba-Diving, Snowboarding, and surfing! These are just a few examples of how most of physically educated and physically healthy people spend their time, craving the rush that compels them to challenge their boundaries. Yes, we can all go to the weight room and exercise, or go out to the courts and shoot a basketball around, and we will get our physical activity. But doesn't that get boring to any of you? The same activity day in and day out! Everyone needs a little verity in their lives, if not than the lifelong activities we hold dear to us now will slowly become obsolete to us and the enjoyment we gain from participating in such events will dwindle, deterring us away from wanting to pursue our activity. When we integrate an extreme sport into our activities, the spark that lights any physically involved person’s fire will burn ever strong. Most say its like becoming reborn when one of these extreme activities is accomplished. With a little push everyday anyone can become an extreme physical activist, bringing new life to anyone's physical activity repertoire. So don't be scared! Step out of your box and break the norms around you!

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