Sunday, February 6, 2011

Student Learning Styles

Between Myth and Fact teachers can identify which students are certain kinds of learners when looking at how students process information in the most efficient way for them. This is a crucial part of any students learning experience! So why would we as educators not want to identify and then therefore gear that students learning towards their style of learning? We would or at least we should! It is our responsibility. Personally I know I am a Kinesthetic learner, meaning hands on learning. Getting students up moving through the lesson physically rather than sitting listening to information just go in through one ear and out of the other. This learning style influences my teaching style as well, learning towards a Kinesthetic approach for students I would like all students to be able to problem solve through physical movement. But even myself I have to realize that not all my students are going to be like me, others could be Auditory learners (learning by hearing information) or Visual Learners (Learning by seeing) by combining all of these styles of teaching, I hope to one day create the most effective teaching approach for my students to be successful. As my students grow as learners and learn more about themselves, I myself will grow as an educator learning more about who I am as a Physical Educator.

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