Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can it be controlled?

Being a constant learner with ADHD myself I understand the difficulties young students go through who have learning disabilities, sometimes who don't understand are the parents of these students. I don't mean that parents do not know there children, but they do not observe what goes on in a classroom or in a setting where their child is forced to focus, behave, resist urges (which they can not control), and learn. To succeed at all of these factors at the same time is a lot more difficult for any student who has a learning disability. Now with the right guidance and study habits anyone with a learning disability can overcome it with time if they work at it, but for others it is just not possible without the help of medication. Being a student who went through a lot of struggles and fights with my parents about taking my medicine, i know am a full believer that it is important to be taken if one wants to succeed in an educational setting. I focus, I am not as easily distracted by what is going outside of the classroom, I am learning what is being taught. Students know when they are doing better because of the dramatic changes that can occur if the right medication is being taken. Back to the beginning, parents do not enforce nor do they sometimes agree with having their children on medication because they are not "themselves" which may very well be the case, but that is most likely due to the fact that their prescription was diagnosed and needs to be adjusted. Students can achieve great things with help and as an educator and someone who has a learning disability and takes medication to help out i feel every student with a disability should have the opportunity to learn just like anyone else and I do believe this can help.

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