Monday, April 11, 2011

How to fight that illness on all fronts

Its unavoidable new diseases and illness are striking our society, as well we are seeing an increase in the severity of the injuries our young students, as a student this is time off to play video games, to an educator this is a great chance for a student to fall behind in work and have to repeat grades. This is obviously the last option we want for our students, and as a physical educator myself I stress healthy living habits as well as active life-styles. It is proven that staying in shape as well as participating in regular physically activity will keep an immune system strong. As well as participating in these activities safety is a huge concern because accidents can happen at anytime, that’s why they are called accidents. Addressing the concern of missed time in school after the fact, as a physical educator I advise resting such injury and once ready a slow but steady rehabilitation. Now just because your physically injured does not mean that physical education cannot occur. By watching videos, reading articles, and observing a student can still benefit and gain knowledge. This will strengthen the student’s cognitive domain in being able to process physical activity in a different way allowing them to understand and apply this knowledge to help themselves and others. This can be assessed by a verbal assessment done by an educator, or a written paper. Spirits are normally low when returning to physical activity after a long absence, giving a student a chance to keep up with the skills and activities is a great way to ease them back into the swing of things when it comes to class time. Things happen all the time that are out of our control it is our responsibility to cope with the situation and preserver through quick thinking so an educator does not succumb and lose the flow of a class. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

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