Tuesday, April 26, 2011


How come if you tear your ACL you have to sit out for 6-9 months before it will be back to 80% strength, but if you get a concussion your allowed to reenter the season? Don't you know that there is no way for a brain to repair itself once suffered trauma such as a concussion. Well its common that most adults and even athletes do not know the severity of concussions. Thanks to Save Your Brain, a campaign started by a group of inspiring graduates who want to make aware the seriousness of concussions. Through a serious of humors informative videos they believe that they can get out a meaningful message to young athletes that constantly deal with the threat of being a victim of a concussion. They are really trying to get out there the message that concussions are dangerous even more dangerous than a broken arm or bruised ribs, where theses body parts will heal themselves with time, the brain cannot however with even the slightest bruise memories and knowledge will be lost and not be able to gain back. Visit there website: www.saveyourbraincampagin.com and see what their about. Wristbands much like the breast cancer awareness “I heart boobies” wristband, they have come up with a similar idea to get their cause out there. So save your brain, its you’re the only one you’ve got, so take care of it.

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