Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The question becomes should we or should we not review the play? Some will state the obvious con of it will only prolong a game or it will change the way the game is played, but reality is there are more pros than cons. The NFL has created a great system to structure the events of instant replays, only being allowed a few chances and being charged a timeout when a call is not overruled. Being allowed to review a play would significantly change the way we look at sports, but in a positive fair way. We relay on the on the human eye to watch events that occur faster than we can turn our heads so wouldn’t it make sense to use the amazing advancing technology that can do the job for us. I do argue that we should keep umpires and referees because reviewing every play would be ridicules and take the fun of chance out of the game. We can however use the technology when the opportunity presents itself, but the question then becomes when is the right opportunity to make that call to review a play. Taking a leaf out of the NFL’s book as a coach/manager you need to know the game and be confident in your ability to see the event occur and know the wrong call was made, instead of just wanting the call to be changed. Being charged a time out is a great way of regulating between good and bad decisions on when to call a instant replay. Whether a hitter is safe or out, a homerun foul or fair, or a touchdown is good can all be rectified by instant replay.

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