Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Bored!

“I’m bored! We already did this. We always do the same things!” these are the words out my student’s mouth today during my observation. Normal drills will not cut it anymore students are tired for the same old stand in line and throw its ball at the target method of practice. Students crave stimulation, inside and outside the classroom that includes the gymnasium where students are most actively engaged, where there imaginations can really run wild if allowed. Students also crave structure, so how so how do we combine structure with creative stimulation, thinking outside the box. Now that it’s a clear sign of springtime, why not take students on a nature walk get them outside, show them how nature influences physical activity. Now that its sunny you will find more people outside socializing and engaging in physical activity, the good weather picks spirits up so we should be sharing that with our students. And if what they say is true “we always do the same things!” we can be sure that they will be practicing volleyball serves at some point in there P.E. future, so I think its ok if we take a day out to stimulate the children’s mind in a different way. Unless we change the way we are teaching students they are going to lose the a positive affective attitude towards Physical Education, and with the already low respect that the physical education world gets we can not afford to throw our students interest out the door just because the old way is the easy way. Get out there and use your imagination for once, and create a fun different lesson you might find out you like it.

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